What to expect from a Weimaraner.

* Weather

  • That short coat makes the breed questionable in very cold regions. When the temperature does drop near freezing, make sure you can bring the dog inside or provide him warm sleeping quarters. Weimaraners are equally sensitive to extreme heat. During the summer months be sure to provide plenty of water. If the temperature climbs into the high 90s and beyond, it is recommended to bring the dog inside until it cools.

* Kids

  • Weimaraners make excellent pets for families. Not only are they very friendly, but they are very protective, making them fantastic guard dogs when your kids are playing outside. The downside to this element of the breed is they quickly become protective of the family and home, even to the point of moving to protect them against friends, neighbors and family members who act toward other family members in a way deemed threatening by the dog.

* Attention

  • Weimaraners require attention and devotion from their owners to the point that can verge on neediness. They need to feel like they are a part of the family and don't like rejection or inattention.

* Other Pets

  • Weimaraners generally get along well with existing pets as well as new pets introduced after they have become pets. There is one significant exception to this, however. Weimaraners instinct as a hunter dog should not be allowed around rodents of any kind, including mice, gerbils, and ferrets. If you do own a rodent, take precautions to keep them separated from the dog at all times.





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