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Vega Weimaraners, were we do continually strive to raise the best of this breed as working and pet companion has to offer.

 "It is our passion, our hobby and very proud of it." 


The Vega Family Team:

*Breeder & Trainer* 

Luis Vega

*Records & Handler*

Liza Vega

*Photos & Videos

Juan Vega

*Handler & Writer*

Angelica Vega

*Handler & Grooming*

Andrea Vega


 Vega Weimaraners is not a non-profit organization and we do charge an adoption fee.

30% of the adoption fees proceeds will be donated to benefit Boondocks K9 Search & Rescue Unit, a non-profit organization that promotes the return home of those we love. Boondocks K9 Unit is passionate about their mission. For more information about Boondocks k9 please visit http://www.boondocksk9.org/newsletter

Our puppies are not for sale at pet shops or any high bidder, every single family or individual that decides to adopt one of our puppies will have to fill out an application, if approved! Then we move forward with the adoption procedures! 


Our puppies are quality puppies, hand- raised for adoption. When we discuss quality, we are not only talking about healthy puppies with good genetics; we are talking about exceptional puppies that are socialized with humans and other animals even before you take them home.






All puppies will go to their new homes with a new puppy kit, sample of Nu Vet. Our Weims go to their approved homes with a Florida Health Certificate, Microchip, Tail Docked, Potty Trained and crate trained.

The amount of time, love, care, grooming and training we give each puppy is priceless!

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