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Multi- Purpose working dogs and pet companion puppies.

Puppies go home between  8 to 12 weeks of age with docked tails and Vacination record

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Spiro: The Whimsical Weimaraner by Mr Paul Rocco Mirabella, Mr Christopher Brian Matthews.
This book is in base of "Spiro Vega Weim" 
Not that we like to brag!!! We just love it!! 

Congratulations to MUFASA VEGA PRIDE OF ZIMBBA VEGA      

On 11/13/2016  at 27 mph, it was still faster than the fastest FAST CAT time posted on AKC by any Weim in the US prior to today. He ended the day as the second fastest Weim in the US, and the fastest male Weim in the US! 

Breed Standards for the Weimaraner




Originally known as Weimar Pointers, the Weimaraner breed was developed and perfected for German royalty in the Weimar Republic of Germany in the early 19th century. They were bred to be courageous hunters with exceptional speed and tracking ability. The nobles of Weimer used them to hunt wild boar, bear, deer and other big game. Ownership of the alluring gray dogs was carefully guarded and breeding was strictly controlled by the nobles and later by The Weimaraner Club of Germany.



General Appearance: The Weimaraner is built to hunt with great speed and endurance and combines grace, stamina, raciness, and an alert demeanor

Head: Nose gray; Eyes, shaded light amber, gray, or blue-gray; Height-set long ears

Tail: Docked to 6”

Color: Mouse-gray to silver-gray and Blue

Size: Weight:  70-85 lb

Height:   male: 25 – 27”; female:  23-25”

Gait: Smooth and effortless

Coat: The short and sleek coat is noted for its unique color

Temperament: Bold, Attentive and Playful



The first breeding Weimaraners were imported to the United States in 1938 by Howard Knight, a dog fancier from Rhode Island. In 1942, The Weimaraner Club of America was formed and the breed standard was created. Later that year the breed was recognized by Kennel Clubs. Weimaraners were shown at Westminster for the first time in 1943. A few years later, at the end of World War II, American service men returning from Europe bought more Weimaraners with them.


President Dwight Eisenhower and Heidi, his Weim.

Weimaraners quickly became very popular American dogs. Even the President of the United States, President Dwight E. Eisenhower, owned a Weimaraner named Heidi.

By the mid to late 1950s Weimaraners were number 12 of 98 breeds registered in the USA.  

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